1999 Race Across America Photos & Hot Item Updates

The big old sky and open road looks like it goes forever on the Race Across America!!

The 1999 Race Across America is the 18th Annual Extreme Cycling Championship Sanctioned by the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association. The 1999 route runs 2,931 miles from Irvine, California across Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and finishing in Savannah, Georgia.

The above photo was taken in Northern Arizona during RAAM 1994.
Hugh Murphy had just received a "on the run" water bottle handoff of food
from crew member Chuck Bramwell. This is Hugh and Chuck's Favorite Photo.

Hugh is competing once again in the 1999 Race Across America!!

RAAM is one REALLY BIG adventure!!

Think about it:
Riding a bike nearly 3,000 miles ...
all the way across America ...
in 8-10 days!?!?
The Race Across America is amazing ...
the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance.

Next year's Race Across America will be on a brand new course
from Portland, Oregon to Panama City, Florida
with a new start date of June 18, 2000.

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