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_____Great American Bike Race 1982. ABC's Wide World of Sports  (Emmy Award) 
Haldeman, Howard, Shermer, and Marino in the first ever transcontinental
race. See how it all began! Up-Close and Personal with the riders at their
homes.  Hallucinations.  A dramatic ending. A classic!

_____Race Across America 1983. ABC's Wide World of Sports
Haldeman-Shermer-Secrest battle; Loveland Pass drama; Penseyres makes his 
mark; Haldeman wins again. Helicopter shots. The first woman enters the race.
Shermerneck causes DNF. Moving!

_____Race Across America 1984. ABC's Wide World of Sports
Elliot takes the lead from Lon for the first time ever; Secrest dominates 
early; Lon looks strong until . . . Penseyres comes from behind! First
women's race. Dramatic footage atop Loveland Pass with Lon.

_____Race Across America 1985. ABC's Wide World of Sports  (Emmy Award)
Roadie v. RAAMers: Boyer v. Secrest, Shermer, Haldeman. Notorangelo makes
greatest ever come-from-behind. Eerie music. Time-lapse photography. Best 
program of all!

_____Race Across America 1986. ABC's Wide World of Sports 
Secrest v. the world; Penseyres v. Boyer's shadow; the all-time greatest
ride by Pete; Elaine Mariolle sets new record. More dramatic music and
montages of magnificant Americana footage.

_____Race Across America 1991. BBC Production on Discovery Channel
The Next Generation comes of age: the classic Fourney-Kish battle; former 
rookies now cagey veterans.

_____Race Across America 1993. Prime Network Coverage.
The greatest duel and the closest finish in the history of the race: Seana
Hogan v. Muffy Ritz. Gerry Tatrai finally wins. Solon DNFs again. Dramatic
team event as 8 teams battle each other in lightning pace across America,
testing new strategies and tactics.

_____Race Across America 1994. ESPN Coverage. 
Kish in greatest come-from-behind in men's race history. Seana becomes 
first woman to lead the overall race (all the way to Colorado). Seana
breaks Notorangelo's "unbreakable" transcontinental record. Team Centurion
(Germany) v. Team Manheim (America) in most exciting finish in Team RAAM

_____Race Across America 1995. ESPN Coverage.
Seana leads the men's field all the way through Colorado. See Danny Chew
catch her 100 meters from the top of the last climb in Colorado. Seana and
Muffy classic duel 2. Kish leads 2nd half of the race, but Chew mounts
astonishing come-from-behind to almost win.

____Race Across America 1996 ESPN Coverage.
Danny Chew finally wins, nipping Kish the final day of the race, and gets 
his 400,000th lifetime mile. Seana Hogan DNFs for her first time in a 
painful ride. Teams Kern and Action Sports in epic battle to the finish,
Team Bicycling and 70+ set new records. 

____Race Across America 1997 Dedicated to Judy Flannery. Outdoor Life
Network Coverage..
Wolfgang Fasching wins on his second try, Danny Chew has crew problems,
Seana wins her 5th and comes the closest to beating all the men, Team Kern
Wheelmen and PacifiCare have epic battle, exciting men's 50+ race,
first ever Tandem Team race, Team Judy Flannery touches everyone's heart
with their spirit.

____Race Across America 1998 Outdoor Life Network Coverage..
Gerry Tatrai, Wolfgang Fasching, Rob Kish, and Danny Chew go toe to toe
as Seana Hogan tries again to beat all the men.  Team Kern Action Sports
and their long-time nemesis Team PacifiCare swap the lead for 2900 miles
and the race comes down to the final hour. 

RAAM BOOKS $10.00 each
_____The Race Across America: Agonies & Glories of the World's Longest
Bicycle Race by M. Shermer

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