The best thing you can do is to keep going.  Rust never sleeps.
			Pete Penseyres
			Bicycling Magazine June 1994

Hi ...

In 1986, Pete Penseyres completed a major feat in RAAM by setting a record
that no one before or since has been able to come near: Pete won RAAM in the
fastest Average Speed time of 15.4 Miles Per Hour.  He rode from Huntington
Beach to Atlantic City, New Jersey, a total of 3,107 Miles in 8 Days and 9

How good was that ride?  

Unbelievably good.

Better than World Class.

For comparison, look at Jonathon Boyer, a professional racer who competed in
the Tour de France, then went on to win RAAM in 1985 on the same course as
Pete's 1986 record ride.  Jonathon's speed: 9 Days and 2 Hours for an Average
Speed of 14.3 Miles Per Hour.  It was generally felt by Race Officials that
the conditions of Pete's RAAM in 1986 were tougher than that of Jonathon's
record in 1985!!  Pete really smoked 1986 RAAM for sure!!

In fact, Pete's 15.4 MPH is the Men's Average Speed Record in RAAM.  

And the second place is way down at 14.9 by Rob Kish in 1992.

Jonathon Boyers 14.3 has been topped by only a select few: Paul Solon in 1989
with 14.5, Bob Fourney in 1990 with 14.4, Rob Kish in 1992 with 14.9, and
Danny Chew in 1996 with 14.6.     

Notice that no one in this elite list has managed to break 15.0 let alone
climb all the way to a Total Average Speed of 15.4.  Don't forget: that is
Total Average Speed with the clock ticking for every minute you're off the
bike including sleep breaks.

So how does the current RAAM Leader, Gerry Tatrai, stack up to Pete's record?
Well, he's off to a very fast start.  At Time Station 13 which is 806 Miles
into the Race, Gerry still has his Total Average up to 15.7 MPH.

However, Gerry has 2,100 Miles to go.  That's a mighty long way!!

Has Gerry gone out too fast?  Who knows!! 

Is Gerry going to suffer a nuclear melt down?  Is he going to blow himself up?
How long can he keep that pace up?   

Gerry's fastest RAAM to date was in 1993 with an Average Speed of 13.7.  

Never count Gerry out.

Pete's famous quote was, "The Race doesn't start until the Mississippi!!"  

I think Pete can sleep well tonight knowing that his Average Speed Record is
safe for another year ... and probably many years to come.

Pete: Your 1986 RAAM was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Chuck Bramwell

Jonathon Boyer said in the 1985 Race Across America, "Even though the Ultra-
Marathon cyclist can do the Race they’re doing, they’re not considered real
athletes as far as racing athletes or someone who does something on a
competitive level.  They’re not many other riders that can even conceive of
what I want to do.  My main competition I think is the clock."

In the 1986 Race Across America, Pete Penseyres responded with, "It’s always
bothered me that the cycling world, as small as it is, can’t be more of a
family."  On the same course as the 1985 Race but with much more difficult
conditions, Pete finished the Race in 8 Days, 9 Hours, 47 Minutes. 16 Hours
Faster than Jonathon Boyer the year before!!"
		Pete Penseyres, 1986 Race Across America, ABC Wide World of Sports

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