2000 PAC Tour Central Transcontinental
Day 2, September 11
by Ken Bartholic, Cheryl McMurray, and Chuck Bramwell

Daily Map
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Lon's Description: For the next two days we will be crossing to low desert heading into Blythe and Wickenburg. Long shallow climbs to expansive horizons make the distances here deceptive. The road ahead may be visible for twenty miles. More cactus and brown mountains are the major landmarks. If the wind is right the miles disappear at a 20 mph pace.

Weather.com Forecast for Blythe

"I want to run
I want to hide
I want to tear down the walls
That hold me inside
I want to reach out
And touch the flame
Where the streets have no name"


Estimated Distance: 110 Miles
Actual Distance: 103.3 Miles
Estimated Feet of Climbing: 1,600 Feet
Actual Feet of Climbing: 1550 Feet
Elevation of Destination: 350 Feet
Average Speed on the Bike: 17.2 MPH
Maximum Speed on the Bike: 32.0 MPH
Chuck's Heart Rate Data:
Max Heart Rate was 196 BPM
a few weeks ago
Time above 160: 0:05
Time between 140-160 4:37
Time below 140: 2:56
Chuck used 160 to govern his speed today.

Bananas The bananas at Rest Stop 1 were so good!

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Team BMB Team BMB in the Sand Dunes

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Sand Dunes Beautiful sand dunes reminded us of Death Valley.

Ken's Holland bike rolled it's 16,000th mile today!!

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Glamus This is the entire town of Glamus, California.

We couldn't find the beach.     :)

Chuck is holding his bike up on the big Tractor Tire.

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Fence Does anyone know what this stone fence is for?

Please tell us your ideas.

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Don's cold towels As we arrived at Lunch, we were greeted with a real nice surprise: an ice cold towel placed around our neck by support person Don Norvelle.

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Lunch crew The Lunch crew who did an outstanding job!!

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Highlights: Today was a different challenge from yesterday. Team BMB rode together all day, and our challenge was to ride at a pace that would keep us from getting overheated by the desert. Hydration was very important, and as an example, Ken consumed approximately 16 bottles of water and Gatorade. The temperatures on the road are considerably higher than the air temp due to the heat radiated from the asphalt.

The route departs El Centro Northeasterly through the farmlands and the course is very flat. After the first rest stop at mile 30, we started a very shallow climb to the second stop at mile 56. By this time the desert heat was felt by all, and we were climbing in 90+ degree temps. After the second rest stop, the terrain more rolling but without any sustained climbs, and we were able to sustain a better speed. The lunch stop was at mile 82, and by then the temperature was in the 100 degree range. The last 21 miles is very flat but the temperature climbed until we finished the ride in Blythe at about 106-110 degrees. On this route we rode through Glamis (a wide spot in the road) which claims to be the sand toy capital of the world, we saw several hundred dairy cows adjoining the road, and a unique looking stone fence alongside the road.

Today was a success in that none of us had any muscle cramping problems.
Memorable Scenery: 600 Cows then a Cow Stampede!!

Little yellow butterflies in the middle of nowhere at Mile 55.

At sunrise, we saw a group of birds flying in a V formation ... like the pacelines we worked in all day ... each of us taking turns at front ... like a ballet.
Mechanical Problems: NONE
Biomechanical (Engine)
Everyone's feet were getting hot
What Worked: Moderate pace in the hea

Pearl Izumi Microsensor Shorts worked real well
What Didn't Work: 106+ Degree Heat but we did O.K.
Quote of the Day: It's the hard things in life that make us strong.
From a Mormon Pioneer Diary
On the Mormon Trail, from Winter Quarters, Nebraska to the Great Salt Lake, Utah

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