2000 PAC Tour Central Transcontinental
Day 1, September 10
by Ken Bartholic, Cheryl McMurray, and Chuck Bramwell

Daily Map
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Lon's Description: The first day leaving San Diego we begin with a 50 mile climb over a series of progressively higher mountains. After reaching 4,000 feet elevation the air is cool and clear with scattered pine forests. After lunch you start the 12 mile drop into the desert. The temperature will reach 100 degrees and the landscape changes to sand and cactus as we ride into El Centro.

City of El Centro, California's Home Page
Weather.com Forecast for El Centro


Estimated Distance: 128 Miles
Actual Distance: 124.6 Miles
Estimated Feet of Climbing: 7,500 Feet
Actual Feet of Climbing: 7,050 Feet
Elevation of Destination: 310 Feet
Average Speed on the Bike: Cheryl:???? MPH Faster than Ken & Chuck
Ken: 14.6 MPH
Chuck: 13.9 MPH
Our objective was to be the last into the hotel today.
We missed our objective: there were about 6 folks behind us.
This ride doesn't start until the Mississippi River!!
Maximum Speed on the Bike: Chuck: 44 MPH
Chuck's Heart Rate Data:
Max Heart Rate was 196 BPM
a few weeks ago
Time above 160: 1:35
Time between 140-160: 5:37
Time below 140: 3:39
Chuck used 160 to govern his speed today.

Breakfast The morning found us very anxious to begin the adventure. Breakfast began here at 6:00 A.M. and we rolled out at 6:34. As we left the parking lot we were greeted with some heavy fog but quickly lifted as we began to climb. There was a lot of climbing today for sure. Ken had his first flat of the tour but after quickly changing the tube we were on our way again. Chuck missed a turn in the fog while riding with his buddy Bob Harting ... but quickly got back on the route. Beautiful rolling to mountainous views eventually turned to desert and the mildly hot 90 degree temps quickly rose to 104 degrees.
- Cheryl

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Rest Stop #3 - Temps:104-106 Degrees Rest Stop #3
Temperatures: 104-106 Degrees
Chuck on the left
Lon manning the Rest Stop on the right

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Rest Stop #3 - Temps:104-106 Degrees Rest Stop #5
Temperatures: 104-106 Degrees
Mile 118
Ken is filling his "Ice Sock" with Ice
These Ice Socks were wonderful -- they were handed out at lunch. Fill them with Ice and you have a cool down for the next 20 miles as they melt around your neck.

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Rest Stop #5 - Temps:104-106 Degrees Rest Stop #5
Temperatures: 104-106 Degrees
Mile 118
In addition to the Ice Sock, Chuck is loading scoops of ice into the back of his Camelbak here. This also worked very well as a cooling aid.
This Rest Stop went through 230 Pounds of Ice by the time we arrived and there were still a number behind us!!
The support today was phenomenal ... tons of cold Gatorade and Ice at every Rest Stop made this all possible today.

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Highlights: Cheryl had a good ride today and felt fine but the climbing and heat took it's toll on us. All in all it turned out to be a difficult start to the Tour. We anticipate better days ahead.

One highlight for Chuck was at Mile 121 when we turned to head into El Centro. We were greeted by hundreds of small Yellow Butterflies that were low to the ground ... very cool!!
Memorable Scenery: Chuck enjoyed the train cars at Flynn Springs ... made him think about his Grandpas who were railroad engineers.
Mechanical Problems: Ken had a slow leak flat but all bikes performed flawlessly.
Biomechanical (Engine)
Problems:Heat related stomach distress for Chuck and Ken.
What Worked: Ice Socks
Good saddles made this hard day easier
Maltodextrin added to Gatorade gives us 200 Calories additional per bottle.
Swim in the pool at the finish was fantastic!!
What Didn't Work:  
Quote of the Day: "This could be one of the toughest days on this Tour because of the heat AND the climbing." - Bob Harting

"Of course it's hard. Hard makes it good. If it wasn't hard, everyone could do it."
"A League of their Own" Movie

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