2000 PAC Tour Central Transcontinental
Pre-Ride Activities in San Diego
by Ken Bartholic, Cheryl McMurray, and Chuck Bramwell

Rider Meeting 60 cyclists from around the country and Canada arrived in San Diego on Friday and Saturday. We assembled our bikes, got to know each other and some rode to the ocean about 6.2 miles away.

Here we are having a rider meeting where we learned all about the expedition across America that we are about to start. Tour leaders Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo reviewed how the daily routine will work for the next 25 days on the road. Here they allowed Chuck to present the "Rules of the Road" to review some safe riding tips.

Susan suggested strongly that we not ride too fast the first few days ... Lon and Susan have lead nearly 50 Bicycle Tours Across America and have found that those who go out too fast run the risk of injuries that are very hard to recover from.

The new PAC Tour Jersey is worn proudly by the cyclist on the back row ... and they look real cool!!

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Group Photo at San Diego After the rider meeting, we all went out in front of the hotel for this group photo.

Everyone is very excited ... we have all trained long and hard to get to this point and time. It's going to be good!!

Later, we had a huge all you can eat carbo-loading dinner with pasta, lasagne, chicken, pasta, lasagne, chicken, pasta, and lasagne. It was REAL GOOD!!

Tomorrow it all starts. It may be hard to sleep tonight.

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