2002 California Triple Crown
Support Volunteers

On the Registration Form, you can indicate which rides you have helped to support this year. These rides can only continue if volunteers (spelled Y-O-U) jump in and help. Support means that you and/or a family member or friend volunteered to help with a Double Century. It's not enough to just ride the rides because if that's all everyone does, these major adventures will go the way of the dinosaurs!! It's not easy running Rest Stops 200+ Miles from nowhere so each of these rides need YOUR help. Besides that, it's fun to help out your fellow cyclists and get a chance to talk to some really great people.

All you have to do is contact any of the Ride Organizers and ask what you can do to help with their event. When you're done, fill out a California Triple Crown Registration Form so I know which rides you completed and which ones you help to support.

Even though this list includes everyone who indicated that they supported one of the rides this year, I know that it's far from complete. There are many dedicated people who work long and hard to make these rides work. Please drop me a line and let me know which rides you worked on ... and I'll add you to this list!!

02BF Butterfield Double 2/16/02 Biron, Paul
Burroughs, Hank
Caplan, Debbie
Hidalgo, Ed
Hjelmervik, Brian
Hutt, Terry
Kostman, Chris
Mc Clain, Fran
Norton, John
Perone, Mike
Ringelspaugh, Helen
Ringelspaugh, Stacy
Simmons, Elizabeth
Westin, Phil
02DVS Spring Death Valley Double 3/02/02 Angelos, Mike
Caplan, Debbie
Clare, Sandye
Cohn, Amy
Cohn, Chandra
Cohn, Hannah
Kistinger, Ken
Kostman, Chris
Marchant, Kari
Marchant, Phil
Martin, Jeff
Martin, Joyce
Mitchell, Lee
Parkes, Thomas
Snyderman, Ellen
Wilson, Eric
02SV Solvang Double 3/23/02 Angelos, Mike
Beam, John
Caplan, Debbie
Carter, Jim
Clark, Carol
Coury, Jann
Hodes, Kimberly
Kistinger, Ken
Kostman, Chris
Kostman, Shelby
Kostman, Wayne
Repetti, Peter
Schoessow, Ari
Schoessow, Mike
Swanson, Reid
Young, Indi
02HM Hemet D.C. 4/06/02 Davis, Dwight
Harbach, Craig
Hau, Erin
Houck, Timothy
Hurlbutt, Anna
Hutt, Terry
Jackson, Diane
Kinsey, Ray
Lippman, Eleanor
Messer, Aline
Perone, Mike
Scarborough, Suzy
Treadway, Eleanor
Watrous, Jim
Wright, Jim
02DM Devil Mountain Double 4/27/02 Aberg, Mike
Althouse, Lee
Anderson, Richard
Barnett, Jeanie
Bott, Linda
Conte, Mary
Dunlap, Wayne
Ganier, Kermit
Gasch, Carl
Goodwin, Doug
Greenway, Wayne
Guertin, Ryan
Halverson, Scott
Horton, Dennis
Jeiven, Susan
Katano, Lynn
Kobliska, Robert
Kuhn, Karl
Macleod, Rory
Macleod, Susie
Martin, Alex
Martin, Eric
Martin, Jeff
Martin, Joyce
Martinelli, Craig
Nelson, Tom
Pervier, Fenn
Pinney, Christine
Pinney, Della
Pinney, George
Preslik, Margaret
Read, David
Rich, Linda
Schacher, Tim
Smith, Eric
Soghomonian, Sarkis
Street, John
Thompson, Maceo
Toyota, Lorna
Watson, Donna
Wisecarver, Rob
02CC Central Coast Double 5/11/02 Stark, Brian
... and many Central Coast Volunteers
02DAV Davis Double 5/18/02 Cohen, Maury
Dodge, Daryn
Guttenberg, Paul
Katano, Lynn
Lincoln, Ann
Long, John D.
Mc Curdy, Hank
Neuman, Robin
Shadoan, Dan
Simon, Curt
... and many Davis Bike Club Members
02TF Tour of Two Forests Double 6/01/02 Biron, Paul
Caplan, Debbie
Derlighter, Dawn
Huber, Kerin
Kaufman, Mark
Kostman, Chris
Lorelli, Chris
Moss, Debra
Onsum, Lois
Roth, Kathleen
Stevens, Carl
Winfrey, Jim
02ES Eastern Sierra Double 6/15/02 Angelos, Mike
Campilongo, Mary
Caplan, Debbie
Clark, Glenn
Graham, Amy
Jones, Ben
Jones, Denise
Marchant, Kari
Marchant, Phil
Newton, Mary
O'Kane, Lyn
O'Kane, Tom
Perone, Laura
Pop, Peter
Silva, Shelly
Weaver, Scott
02TT Terrible Two 6/22/02 Barron-Stagg, Dayna
Bartlett, Richard
Barton, Martha
Bates, Ron
Bates, Sharron
Batt, Irene
Bellefeuille, Michelle
Bennett, Sue
Black, Randy
Bloom, Alan
Borse, Michael
Camilleri, Tony
Castelli, Emilio
Cline, Diane
Cline, Jim
Clinton, Martin
Cohen, Maury
Connors, Paula
Dibble, Lee
Downing, Sara
Draeger, Jim
Durbin, Greg
Ellis, Bill
Emery, Donna
Eunice, Janice
Eunice, Mike
Fallon, Peter
Gaevert, Craig
Gardner, Paul
Goncalves, Rene
Henderson, Hollis
Hester, Susan
Hiebel, Kathy
Holt, Henry
Holt, Susan
Jackson, John
Keene, Jim
Kellison, Kathy
Kizer, Steve
Kuhn, Ginger
Linn, Lavalle
Mattinson, Anna
Mattinson, Bill
Mattinson, Laurie
Mattinson, Neville
McCue-Ellis, Cindy
McDonnel, Bob
Mello, Rose
Miklaucic, John
Morgan, Arlene
Mullan, John
Newberg, Doug
Oddy, Frank
Oetinger, Bill
Opperman, Paul
Osburn, Bill
Peterson, Eric
Pinné, Averill
Plikuhn, Delia
Plikuhn, Sean
Podger, Pam
Rand, Pilar
Rand, Robert
Rappolt, Nancy
Rodman, Laura
Ruffcorn, Dee
Russell, Ernie
Salz, Lou
Sawyer, Kim
Schuck, Vern
Schultz, Andreas
Shiota, Phil
Simon, Doug
Smith, Jesse
Stewart, Gordon
Stone, Richard
Trumbo, Dave
Trump, Michael
Trump, Norma
Viviani, Terry
Wallace, Dean
Wendt, Larry
Williams, Jim
Wymer, Debbie
Wysocky, Gary
Wysocky, Jessica
Zell, Ronald
Zimberoff, Bunni
02GT Grand Tour 6/29/02 Burton, Ralph
Conte, Mary
Evans, David
Ganier, Kermit
Katano, Lynn
Patterson, Doug
Robbins, John
Wildin, Rowena
02KV Knoxville Fall Classic Double 9/21/02 Aberg, Mike
Anderson, Joe
Ashabranner, Rick
Berg, Bruce
Berge, Catharina
Clare, Sandye
Conte, Mary
Free, Brenda
Free, Ed
Gasch, Carl
Ganier, Kermit
Garner, Patrick
Gast, Blair
Gast, Nancy
Goodwin, Doug
Halverson, Scott
Katano, Lynn
Klebanoff, Jack
Long, John D.
Macleod, Dan
Macleod, Rory
Macleod, Susie
Makk, Ish
Makk, Nonni
Martin, Jeff
Martinelli, Craig
Mitchell, Lee
Mullen, Anne
Mullen, Skip
Pervier, Fenn
Pinney, Della
Pinney, George
Preslik, Margaret
Smith, Eric
Smith, Jesse
Soghomonian, Sarkis
Young, Indi
Zarrella, John
02HB Heartbreak Double 9/28/02 Caplan, Debbie
Clare, Sandye
Coury, Jann
Crain, Dan
Fields, Marvin
Haske, Maureen
Hayes, Jeff
Kostman, Chris
Long, John D.
Nazaroff, Sheri
Palomino, Rod
Parkes, Thomas
Rodriguez, Tony
Summers, Spike
Waltmire, Catherine
Waltmire, Wick
02DVF Fall Death Valley Double 11/02/02 Angelos, Mike
Barnes, Ray
Bowling, Clay
Caplan, Debbie
Clare, John M.
Cohn, Amy
Cohn, Chandra
Cohn, Hannah
Deyarmie, Tim
Finfrock, Reed
Hjelmervik, Brian
Kistinger, Ken
Kostman, Chris
Mitchell, Lee
Patten, Mark
Patterson, Doug
Spilker, Jeff
Vandevere, Keith

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