2000 California Triple Crown
Support Volunteers

On the Registration Form, you can indicate which rides you have helped to support this year. These rides can only continue if volunteers (spelled Y-O-U) jump in and help. Support means that you and/or a family member or friend volunteered to help with a Double Century. It's not enough to just ride the rides because if that's all everyone does, these major adventures will go the way of the dinosaurs!! It's not easy running Rest Stops 200+ Miles from nowhere so each of these rides need YOUR help. Besides that, it's fun to help out your fellow cyclists and get a chance to talk to some really great people.

All you have to do is contact any of the Ride Organizers and ask what you can do to help with their event. When you're done, fill out a California Triple Crown Registration Form so I know which rides you completed and which ones you help to support.

Even though this list includes everyone who indicated that they supported one of the rides this year, I know that it's far from complete. There are many dedicated people who work long and hard to make these rides work. Please drop me a line and let me know which rides you worked on ... and I'll add you to this list!!

99HB Heartbreak Double 9/18/99 Winfrey, Steve
99R66 Route 66 Double 10/30/99
99DVF Death Valley Fall Double 11/20/99 Briggs, Victoria
00DVS Death Valley Spring Double 2/26/00 Hallman, Colette
00SV Solvang Double 3/25/00 Kopit, Paul
Martinez, Mark
Winfrey, Steve
00HM Hemet Double 4/8/00 Pettit, Jan
00DM Devil Mountain Double 4/15/00 Conte, Mary
Ganier, Kermit
Greenway, Wayne
Halverson, Scott
Houck, Timothy
MacLeod, Rory
Pinney, George
Rich, Linda
00BF Butterfield Double 5/6/00 Crain, Dan
Nakai, David
00CC Central Coast Double 5/13/00 Stark, Brian
00DAV Davis Double 5/20/00 Anderson, Barbara
Guttenberg, Paul
Teachout, Todd
00TF Classic TOTF 6/3/00 Ganier, Kermit
Hughes, Bill
00TT Terrible Two 6/17/00 Ashabranner, Rick
Bowen, Vaughan
Ellis, Bill
Huebert, Lynne
Kozera, Joan
Oetinger, Bill
Simon, Doug
00GT Grand Tour 6/24/00 Clare, Ian
Clare, John M.
Clare, John T.
Conte, Mary
Ganier, Kermit
Nakai, David
Patterson, Doug
Sharp, John Clay
00ES Eastern Sierra Double 7/22/00 Dwyer, Maureen
Fante, Thomas
00HB Heartbreak Double 9/16/00 Campbell, Ken
Ganier, Kermit
Hughes, Bill
00KV Knoxville Fall Classic Double 9/23/00 Coble, Bob
Halverson, Scott
MacLeod, Rory
Olson, Greg
Pervier, Fenn
00DVF Death Valley Fall Double 10/07/00 Bible, Gary
Campbell, Ken
00R66 Route 66 Double 11/11/00

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